NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade, June 10th 2012

7 Jun

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is being held Sun June 10th 2012. The parade will start at 11am-5pm, the route is fifth avenue between 44th and 79th street. The theme for this years parade is “Higher Education” It is through higher education that a community can continue to grow.

The parade is always a lot of fun BUT extremely packed with over 80,000 people marching, make sure you pack light carrying only a camera and maybe a bottle of water, you will also want to wear comfortable shoes as there is no area for you to sit. Fox 5 and UPN 9 will be broadcasting so make sure you’re camera ready.

Cecily travels would like to acknowledge Jet Blue Airways as a sponsor of Puerto Rican Day Parade 2012. When traveling I only fly jet blue and am a proud happy jetter.


Any events prior to the parade? Crossroads and Coney Island Dancers present Puerto Rican Pride Sun June 10th from 1pm-8pm click link for details.

How do I get to the location? Can take train to grand central station. click this link for directions.

Is there a cost to attend? No to view the parade is FREE


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